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Enoch’s Entrance

Saturday, May 14 came and went. On Monday we had our 40 week check up. We were going to be there twice a week until Enoch came.  It was only 3 days past our due date. Everything was fine. It was quite a whirl wind once we got to the bioscan though. As the Ultrasound Tech did her scanning they measured the Amniotic Fluid and checked out the organs.  has a good definition of what the Tech saw. Basically Enoch had eaten the amniotic fluid and I was riding the line of low amni fluid at 5.6cm, and anything lower than 5cm  was the danger zone.  Enoch’s intestines were bulging, basically showing off that he is intestines were working.

From there, our Midwife talked to us about a few ways to proceed, but any way it was handed, I was going to have the baby within the next day. While it would have been nice to wait until Enoch made the decision to come, it was quite the surprise and left me no time to think or plan things out, especially with mental prep for what was about to happen. I had set myself up for at least a week to 10 days past the due date, so I had no time to plan.

I had my membranes stripped at 3:30-pm on Monday May 16th and, as we hoped, it threw me into contractions. Very light  and mild. We went for a walk, loaded up on the carbs at dinner, and when we got home we started to clean and pack. Contractions increased over time. Around 8pm I started timing them because I could tell they were more consistent. As I timed them, they were 2-3min apart and 30sec-1min. I was waiting for the 5-1-1 rule and was confused on the timing. As the night progressed   trying to sleep and was able to until about 12:15am Tuesday morning. While I could talk through the contractions, I wasn’t expecting the pain to be so intense, so I decided to make the call and head in. (nest time I will try and stay home longer.)

We checked in at 1am and was checked at “a stretchy 3cm” this was quite the discouragement since I had been contracting since 4pm.  at 9am I was at 4cm. at noon I was at 5.  I would definitely say that contractions are equivalent  to passing kidney stones- I’ve passed 3 in my life. It really did suck. Contractions suck. Not a fan. And while it was bringing me closer to meeting our son, there was nothing pleasant about it.

I was grateful for David and his strength, even though there were a few questionable moments for him. I am grateful for my friend Heidi, who is now training to be a Dulla, after helping me through labor and birth. She’s been my good friend since moving to KC. I am also grateful for my friend Elisa, who helped and took a few pictures once E made his appearance, and also helped encourage me with laboring.

some time after 5pm on May 17th it was pushing time. Enoch decided to go ahead and stay close to the opening, and make it easy to come out. I am pretty sure it was less than an hour of pushing Since he was already crowning. 6:18 came, 26 hours later, and Enoch was placed on me. He was grey, crying, and wrinkly! he was perfect. 7lbs 1.5 oz, 19.5 inches long.

Making himself heard

The Next few hours & days were a blur. The Hospital was ok. The food was less than average. The night nurses was amazing, but the day nurse wasn’t as enthusiastic about her job. (how can helping with births get mundane?) 

This is where David slept:

no even close to comfy.

I think he had worse sleep than I did. I think that is why most dads are tired too- because they sleep on lame beds. I also had a ridiculous amount of adrenaline and didn’t feel tired until day 5 or 6.

When our son came out, David looked at me and said “his name is Enoch”.
Enoch Means “Dedicated” and his story in the Bible is inspiring to be a friend of God.
Root comes from Isaiah 11

” Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, 
And a branch from his roots will bear fruit” 

We want our son to be a dedicated to Jesus, the branch from the roots of David. That our son would be one who leads many to the Lord and love well.

He’s perfect. sleeps well. Eats like a champ. And a good communicator.

We are blessed to raise this one. We pray Isaiah 11 over him often and that he would fear the Lord and know his Creator when he grows up.

Thank You Lord for this opportunity to love and serve our son.

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Saturday Came… and Went.

I knew Saturday was coming, and since 1st time babies usually come after their due dates, on Thursday I started looking for some DIY’s to keep me busy. A friend mentioned a couple of weeks ago about and I was curious, so I checked it out. It’s an awesome website! Simply put, it’s a place where people post different things they like when they are browsing the internet. From Wedding idea’s, terrariums, DIY’s, cute puppies, to amazing kitchens. It is a great place to get ideas, find cute things, and something other than Facebook to keep you occupied!

Yesterday as I waited around, I went to the Dollar Store and Michaels to stock up on some crafties.  I found most of these ideas on Pinterest’s “Nursery” search.

Project #1: Yarn Mobile.
I will change the colors, but I thought this would be nice to add to the nursery, and keep myself busy as I wait.

Yarn Mobile

Project # 2: Name Mobile for Wall
Can’t really do this until we name our son (his name won’t be “Jackson”), but it will be a good project to do while on Maternity leave.

Fun Name Project

Project #3: Wall Flower
In the Picture, top right, you see white petals & a round mirror in the center.  Bough a mirror at michaels for $2, and construction paper for $1. Cut flower petals out and glue to back of mirror.  Not sure where it will go, but it will be fun to work on!

Mirror Wall Flower

So, hopefully these will keep me preoccupied to pass the time, as I wait, watch and pray.

I am feeling good, a little more tired though. Just keeping up with laundry, dishes, cleaning until my body decides to do what comes naturally.  This time is a sweet time because I get to wait and focus on our son.  I’m not anxious about him not coming yet, but taking this time to rest, think, dream. I want to see this time as a blessing and not negatively.  Pray with us as we wait.

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Saturday is Coming.

Saturday, May 14 is the estimated Due Day (DD).  It is so close, yet ridiculously ambiguous if he will actually come then. It truly would be amazing if he came on that particular day, but I have decided to set my gaze on May 21. Who knows, anything could happen, and he could come early.  But for now, I will keep in mind why France has declared 41 weeks  1 day for first time moms, and how I wish America would do the same.

Funny Story Time
I went to my check up today. Nothing showed that he was ready to come early either. They hooked me up to a fetal monitor  and watched if I was contracting and also how he was doing. It’s always encouraging when your midwife says your baby is “picture perfect” and his monitoring was a model for other babies– let it be true for his character too!  The only problem that happened was that

…I think they forgot about me.

It was past 12pm, and I knew that it was lunch time in the office. I thought the nurse said she would be back in 20 minutes (@12pm), and when the 3rd song on the radio came on, “Soul Sister” (which doesn’t make any sense but I like it anyway), I decided to look at my phone: I had been there for 35 minutes (12:15). I decided instead of unwrapping myself, I would just call the front desk from my room and hope someone answered the phone. They did, and someone came.

It was a thing that happened that made me laugh inside, and as long as my son is healthy, there is little that can put me in a bad mood. I hope that this joy will carry out through the labor, birth and beyond.

Baby Room
We have painted the walls, and put the furniture in place, just need to add a few things to the walls, and all will be well. The room is a cozy 9×11 ft room, so it’s perfect for all the big items, and then there is another half of the room that will have all the toys & such.

Changing table, dresser & something for the wall

Crib & Glider

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A leg and Then Some

The Leg
Today, as I sit at my desk, feet propped up, and typing away, I am feeling our son move more and more.  the midwife says he is around 6.5 lbs, head is in the pelvis area, and he’s just doing his thing until its time for him to come out.  Back to today, I started to feel around my belly and based on what my midwife said, I can tell what is a leg and an arm. I feel him rolling around, and can move his legs.  The image I got was like when you are scuba diving,  and you can see the bottom, but then you get to the edge of a  cliff and then it just drops off into the abyss. That’s what I feel like is inside. I can feel his bum, legs, shoulders, and then nothing.  But he is running out of room, so it won’t be like that forever.

An Emo Moment
Also, tomorrow is the day that says I have been pregnant 37 weeks now. It is quite the experience, as any mom would agree. This week there was one night where I was up from 2-3am for no real reason. The baby wasn’t even moving around to keep me up.  So I managed to go back to sleep, wake up around 7:30 and start my morning routine.  As I was almost ready to go, just trying to finish a cup of coffee (which really never happens, I really don’t know why I drink the stuff), I mentioned something to David, and a couple minutes later tears came, and then didn’t stop for about half an hour.

I would like to say that I am a fairly emotionally stable person. There are only a few things that make me cry for long periods of time (pre-pregnancy). And so I told David that I can’t tell if I am “prego emotional” or if I would have cried over the situation regardless of me being pregnant.  I think I can count on both hands the number of times I have woke up randomly for a short period of time combined with emotional days where I couldn’t snap out of it. Seriously.

On Another Note
We have now gone to two labor/delivery classes.  The more I see laboring video’s the more nervous I get because I know how grumpy and agitated I get when I am really tired or passing a kidney stone. Obviously neither of these is laboring, but I still wonder how I will respond to laboring pain.  One of the women in a video I saw reminded me of what I do when I am tired, so that’s why I brought it up. I know it’s different, but it’s not so far off the path.  I am really grateful for these classes as they help bring to reality what is about to happen for a first-time mom.

 The Fun Part
Talking to the Lord about my fears, anxieties, and worries about labor, and asking Him to help me set my mind of things above, meditate on Him and how He feels about me, and contending for His presence in every area of my house, delivery room and recovery room.   Why?  Because I can. Because I am his favorite one. He delights in Me!  And, why not? Seriously.  If I don’t ask, I don’t have. And even if I do ask, and something goes wrong, He is still worth my attention and affection.  The Lord loves to meet us in the midst of all things and I have been so blessed by His attention to me through these past few months.  He loves life, and to speak to people through the process.

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36 Weeks and On A Mission

Some people have asked if I have started nesting. The answer was “No” until last Wednesday.  Why, you may ask.  There are a few reasons.  One, is I am pregnant and have had low energy. The energy I do have is spent at work or in the Prayer Room. When I get home, I am too tired and all I do is think about what needs to get done, and then I get more tired.  You may be thinking, why doesn’t your husband help. That’s another reason why I haven’t started to nest.  At the end of March he left for a weekend to go to a conference where he spoke at a session and enjoyed the rest of it.  When he returned, he started planning for another conference that he had to travel to for work. This conference was a big deal that he needed to prepare for.  While I knew he wanted to help with the baby & nesting, the timing just wasn’t right for us.

And to be honest, since this pregnancy has been amazing, I am not necessarily ready for him to come out yet. I think if I had been sick, uncomfortable, or had some sort of complication worse than acid reflux/heart burn, I would want him out sooner. But that hasn’t been the case, and therefore I am not really in a hurry to get him out.
Also, for me, the sooner I nest the sooner I want him to come, then the mental games kick in, and I don’t know if I can handle thinking the baby is coming sooner than later.  I don’t know if my heart can handle that.  I am expecting May 14-20 for baby to make his arrival 🙂

So with less than 4 weeks, give or take, my nesting has begun. While David was in Vegas last week (for work), I had some friends come over and paint the baby room!


The Color: Grape Leaves from Bahr paint (home depot).  It needs one more coat, which will get done today!  I wanted a green baby room, and was at another baby shower and saw this color in the Kitchen with black & white color scheme. If I hadn’t seen it on the walls, I don’t think I could have ever made the decision because there are so many colors of green and it’s soooo overwhelming.

I feel like this is the biggest step.  Once the room is painted, that’s when I can start moving in the crib, changing table, glider, and all the other goodies.

Project #2: Baby’s Dresser.  A couple of friends & I went antiquing back in February, and we found this dresser for $32.  These ladies, while they aren’t amateur antique shoppers, they have been doing it for quite some time and know quality when they see it.  They inspected the wood, sturdiness, and draweriness (made up word that the drawers worked properly), and said that it was a good buy.  I trusted their judgment of the piece,  and so we got it!

Oldie but goodie

This morning, after two months of it sitting in the basement, I mustered up the energy to get this baby done! I have sanded this thing down, and had to give my hands a rest (as I type this, my hands feel funny).  In a bit, after a really late lunch, I will start on the drawers, which are the easy part… or so I think.

I will start posting some pics of the baby room as it comes together.

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Week 35 & Hebrews 11

Tomorrow is another weekly marker that says I have been pregnant now 35 weeks.  I am so grateful that this time is going by quickly because that means that our son will be here soon.  The past few weeks we have been looking into birth plans and learning about the whole laboring process. I have spent many weeks trying to figure out what my body is doing, and now it is time to figure out how to get our son out of me!

It truly is amazing the way the Lord created the female body and how natural the whole process is. From our hips shifting within our bodies so there is a bigger opening for the baby’s head to make it through, production of milk, the Nurturing & Mothering Instincts within us start to surface, and down to hormonal & nutritional changes so that the baby gets what it needs to grow and then get out.   The end result A human being.

My midwife this week said that everything is going well. His heart beat is in between 120-130 and my uterus is measuring 35 cm (which is good, it apparently should measure around what week you are pregnant).  She also calmed some fears that I had when it came to birthing in the hospital. I love that my body knows what to do to get this baby out of me, and am also grateful for medical advances that can help babies & mommies that are in distress.  While I am not some uber healthy organic all-natural junkie,  I am for going as natural as I can and am praying for a labor that is as natural as possible and contending for no interventions unless absolutely necessary.  That is why we are going with a midwife instead of  the more conventional way. The most important thing is that at the end of the day, we have a healthy baby.

Today I read Hebrews 11 and am encouraged that the Lord loves to hear us ask Him to help us.  He loves to inhabit the praises of His people,  and as I thank Him for the gift of Life and to be a part of a bigger picture, I have faith to believe that the desires that are in our hearts are first from Him and that He wants to fulfill the longings in us for the birth of our son.  Like Abraham longing for the New Jerusalem, Moses choosing to be with Israel, Enoch pleased God, Noah preparing the Ark,  Gideon, Barak,  Samson, David, and the others mentioned in that chapter, they all had faith and believed that God was for them They endured all things because they knew that God was worth their time, affections, praises, their whole lives.

I have heard it said recently that marriage & families are to make us holy before the Lord, and happiness is the over flow. I am praying that our son helps us become more holy and into the image of Jesus, and as we learn more about who we are freedom and happiness flow like streams of living water from our souls!

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A Texas Shower

At the beginning of March mom and family members threw us a baby shower.  Here are some pictures. *Side note, there were like 7 other cameras so it was hard to get everyone looking at one camera* It was a great shower and I really enjoyed being with my family. I miss being around them so it was really special to spend this time together.



A cute little summer outfit & basket full of goodies!


Mom & the Daughters

The Lovely Hosts

Most of the Ladies that came

Our team getting ready to play baby charades!

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This & That

It’s March 18th, and tomorrow I will begin the journey into the 33 week. Only 7-8 more weeks to go!  It has been an amazing journey so far and I am now venturing into focusing on the birthing process. We are thinking of over night bags, birth plan, maternity leave, family visits, baby’s room, a name for baby.

For the most part, I am about as relaxed as it gets for this little man to come.  My mindset has been pretty calm and I haven’t had a freak out moment yet about what kind of parents we will be.  From the time we found out we were pregnant, I have continually told myself that our son is a gift from God and that the Lord knew what He was doing when He allowed us to get pregnant. His timing & leadership is perfect. We have been blessed far beyond anything we could ask or imagine, and are so grateful for the provision that has come to us through others.

I was not the baby-sitter in our family. That would be my sister, Haley.

I think I changed a diaper less than 10 times by the time I was 18 years old. Since then I have changed a few more, and think I can handle it. My husband on the other hand is 99% sure he hasn’t ever changed a diaper, which I hear is pretty typical. So this will be a fun adventure for us learning how to be parents since neither of us have spent much time around babies/kids.



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The New Kefir in My Life

This week was kind of weird. Sorry for no posts.  After a nice calming weekend, I got a little sick.  For the most part, pregnant women take certain things out of their diet to maintain a healthy life style for them and the baby. Well, unfortunately, I took something out of my diet that was the most important thing every ( but not on purpose).

A couple of years ago, Kefir Sutherland was my favorite actor, mainly because he played Jack Bauer for 8 seasons, and was only the 2nd seemingly invincible non-super-hero-human on television, next to the infamous Chuck Norris.



But then I found out about Kefir the cauliflower brain looking thing that makes you feel good. Out with Jack Bauer and in with the new!


This thing has saved my  pregnancy, which is a big deal. It’s fermented milk. Gross you think? Yes. An amazing gift from God? Absolutely.
1. It is a probiotic, promoting good bacteria.
2. Boosts the immune system
3.  Helps digestion
4. Can provide around 30 grams of protein, which is a super necessity for pregnant women.
5. There are other things, but I don’t know it all.

So with a little help from a friend, I started growing my own in glass jar. It’s been quite an amazing thing to watch grown in my kitchen, and then blend it into a smoothy. Mmmm.  But Over last weekend something happened, and I didn’t understand what was going on. Basically  my kefir fermented faster than I realized (mostly because it is starting to warm up more in our area and that makes kefir work faster) and I thought I killed my grain & didn’t make any.  So for a few days I was ok, but then some changed, and my body did some weird things that I wasn’t used to. I got queasy, cold sweats. I have yet to be sick during my pregnancy, so I was a little freaked out.  I got better after a couple of days of resting though.

I called a friend who is more experienced in the Kefir Way, and got some more grains, and am in the process of making it again. Praise the Lord!  I don’t want to go without kefir again, even if I have to buy a bottle at Whole foods. It’s totally worth it for me and the baby. And as other moms would agree, you do what ever it takes to make sure your baby is healthy.  This is my way of doing that.

Well, it’s almost 4am, and my snack time is up.  I am also leaving to drive to Dallas, Texas in the morning, so I need some sleep.

Drink Kefir! It’s awesome!

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Prenatal Prayer

28 weeks have come and gone. On Tuesday I had my 2-week appointment. Sometimes these appointments seem silly, and the only thing that I really get from it is hearing Baby G’s heart beat. I know things will pick up in a few more weeks when we start going weekly, but I guess I just expected more.  Our son is doing well. Moving all over the place, and enjoying himself, while I have to go to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes at any given time.

Prenatal Prayer
I am grateful for Prenatal Prayer that I go to almost weekly since we found out at 6 weeks. The Prayer Room offers many amazing opportunities to serve people on staff and visitors.  4 times a week, there are people who serve in praying for pregnant moms. It’s a time where you get to sit for about 30 minutes and someone just “soaks” you with prayer. They stand behind you, lay a hand on your shoulder, and they pray silently over you.  As the receiver, you sit there and can soak in the presence of God, rest, and just be for a few minutes.  I do that and take the time to ask the Lord about whom he is knitting within me and ask Him to speak to me.  Then you get to go in a small side room within the prayer room and then 2-3 women ask how you are doing & how the pregnancy is going. This is a time where they come along side the mom and pray over any concerns of the pregnancy and rejoice in the activity of the baby. That’s the gist of Prenatal prayer.  They also pray for the moms whom have had miscarriages and really love on these moms that are going through difficult times.  They really love on the moms in every way possible.  We are blessed!

1st baby Shower Coming Up
Next Friday I will be traveling to good ol’ McKinney, TX  for the first baby shower. I will be 30 weeks pregnant and driving for 8 hours with another pregnant friend who will be 17 weeks pregnant. It will be an interesting time for us, but  we are excited for a road trip.  It will also be great to see some of my family before the baby is born because there is a family wedding  a week before my due date, and I won’t be able to go to celebrate.

I will try to post some pictures soon of plans for the baby’s room! Yay!

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