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Enoch’s Entrance

on August 6, 2011

Saturday, May 14 came and went. On Monday we had our 40 week check up. We were going to be there twice a week until Enoch came.  It was only 3 days past our due date. Everything was fine. It was quite a whirl wind once we got to the bioscan though. As the Ultrasound Tech did her scanning they measured the Amniotic Fluid and checked out the organs.  has a good definition of what the Tech saw. Basically Enoch had eaten the amniotic fluid and I was riding the line of low amni fluid at 5.6cm, and anything lower than 5cm  was the danger zone.  Enoch’s intestines were bulging, basically showing off that he is intestines were working.

From there, our Midwife talked to us about a few ways to proceed, but any way it was handed, I was going to have the baby within the next day. While it would have been nice to wait until Enoch made the decision to come, it was quite the surprise and left me no time to think or plan things out, especially with mental prep for what was about to happen. I had set myself up for at least a week to 10 days past the due date, so I had no time to plan.

I had my membranes stripped at 3:30-pm on Monday May 16th and, as we hoped, it threw me into contractions. Very light  and mild. We went for a walk, loaded up on the carbs at dinner, and when we got home we started to clean and pack. Contractions increased over time. Around 8pm I started timing them because I could tell they were more consistent. As I timed them, they were 2-3min apart and 30sec-1min. I was waiting for the 5-1-1 rule and was confused on the timing. As the night progressed   trying to sleep and was able to until about 12:15am Tuesday morning. While I could talk through the contractions, I wasn’t expecting the pain to be so intense, so I decided to make the call and head in. (nest time I will try and stay home longer.)

We checked in at 1am and was checked at “a stretchy 3cm” this was quite the discouragement since I had been contracting since 4pm.  at 9am I was at 4cm. at noon I was at 5.  I would definitely say that contractions are equivalent  to passing kidney stones- I’ve passed 3 in my life. It really did suck. Contractions suck. Not a fan. And while it was bringing me closer to meeting our son, there was nothing pleasant about it.

I was grateful for David and his strength, even though there were a few questionable moments for him. I am grateful for my friend Heidi, who is now training to be a Dulla, after helping me through labor and birth. She’s been my good friend since moving to KC. I am also grateful for my friend Elisa, who helped and took a few pictures once E made his appearance, and also helped encourage me with laboring.

some time after 5pm on May 17th it was pushing time. Enoch decided to go ahead and stay close to the opening, and make it easy to come out. I am pretty sure it was less than an hour of pushing Since he was already crowning. 6:18 came, 26 hours later, and Enoch was placed on me. He was grey, crying, and wrinkly! he was perfect. 7lbs 1.5 oz, 19.5 inches long.

Making himself heard

The Next few hours & days were a blur. The Hospital was ok. The food was less than average. The night nurses was amazing, but the day nurse wasn’t as enthusiastic about her job. (how can helping with births get mundane?) 

This is where David slept:

no even close to comfy.

I think he had worse sleep than I did. I think that is why most dads are tired too- because they sleep on lame beds. I also had a ridiculous amount of adrenaline and didn’t feel tired until day 5 or 6.

When our son came out, David looked at me and said “his name is Enoch”.
Enoch Means “Dedicated” and his story in the Bible is inspiring to be a friend of God.
Root comes from Isaiah 11

” Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, 
And a branch from his roots will bear fruit” 

We want our son to be a dedicated to Jesus, the branch from the roots of David. That our son would be one who leads many to the Lord and love well.

He’s perfect. sleeps well. Eats like a champ. And a good communicator.

We are blessed to raise this one. We pray Isaiah 11 over him often and that he would fear the Lord and know his Creator when he grows up.

Thank You Lord for this opportunity to love and serve our son.


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